Tuesday, January 29, 2013

LaFonda in the Snow

LaFonda in the Snow   50 x 40  acrylic on canvas
I got to paint today! The mega-upholstering project is on hold for a week, so I am going to paint my heart out until then.

One snowy morning last winter when I went out to feed the cows, I noticed that all you could really see of LaFonda (my milk cow) in the snowstorm was her dark spots and her very pink udder emerging from the white world.

I painted a little painting  (20 x 16) inspired by this image. It was in my  exhibit at Crossings last February and sold the first night, during the opening, to a woman from Los Angeles, so it went home with her that night and not many people got to see it. I have wanted to re-paint this idea ever since, but on a much larger scale.

Today I worked on version 2 of this painting, LaFonda in the Snow, on a 50 x 40 recycled canvas. I am not sure yet if it is is all the way there, but it's close. The  recycled canvas was a "sofa-sized original" mass produced in the 70's, so I didn't feel bad gessoing over it, and the canvas is good quality. I like when my paintings have layers beneath and this one had a great texture of paint to give me a head start. 

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  1. so much talent you have! enjoying your art show and commentary! Mary