Wednesday, January 2, 2013

30 Paintings in 30 days?!

"Something Has Come Between Us"     24 x 24 Acrylic on canvas
Late last night after starting this blog, I went to bed and despite being exhausted lay awake for hours.  Partly my brain was racing, thinking about painting and New Years resolutions and upcoming farm projects, but also my shoulder hurt (my old manure shoveling injury) and I couldn't get comfortable, I was hot, I was cold, and I was claustrophobic.  When I came to bed, our rapidly-getting-big puppy, Zinnie, was sleeping next to Rog and they say you should let sleeping dogs lie... so I let her stay on the bed. Before long, our huge black cat Poet also came in and stretched across the top of our pillows, purring.  We need a bigger bed!

I considered whether I should commit to the 30-paintings-in-30-days challenge.  Ordinarily I would not hesitate but I have several overly-ambitious projects lined up for January. On the other hand, I always work better with a deadline, even better with multiple deadlines.

Ultimately, I decided I would do it, with several caveats:
a) only if I managed to create a painting this morning and get off to a strong start,
b) I will not stress about creating a daily masterpiece,
c) the goal will be painting for fun, and
d) it will be an opportunity to experiment with new paint mediums (watercolor or gouache?), substrates (paint a floorcloth? my boots?),  styles (abstract?) and  sizes (maybe I will paint miniature sometimes!)

This will be good for me because I intend to write a little about each daily piece, and usually I find it very difficult to speak about my art.  Also, the paintings will be for sale and maybe being connected to the 30 paintings  project will find me some new patrons.  This year is my opportunity to attempt to make a livable income from my art because  I won't have to milk a cow this summer and my daughter is taking over the CSA garden. I will have much more time to focus on making art and marketing it. I hope, hope, hope I can accomplish that or I will have to get an ordinary, real-world job to support my farming habit!

Finally, although I am telling myself I will not be ashamed if I do not succeed at completing 30 paintings, having this goal be so public will spur me on, and the other participating artists will inspire me.

Here is painting number one:  "Something Has Come Between Us," acrylic on gallery-deep canvas, 24 x 24.  Painting it this morning was a joy. Based on a true story. 


  1. I like your unique style and your use of colors,look forward to your daily paintings during the rest of the month.

  2. I can identify with all the furkids and hubby in the Love this. Great goal too for the year!! I'm with you!!!

  3. Love your style and story.
    We ended up buying a king size bed.....somehow they have just managed to take up even more territory!
    Have fun with the next 29.

  4. Thank you, Roger, Sheila and Carroll!

  5. Hi Susan - this one speaks to my soul, have the same issues, but only 1 doxie in bed with two adults in a king-size bed..he leans into me for heat. I love your color and line in this one! Happy for you that you put yourself out there with your blog - you will be amazed what the exposure will do for you. I will have to check out your farm blogs next, I live on a farmstead in the middle of nowhere.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your painting!