Sunday, January 6, 2013

Golden Girl

Golden Girl   16 x 20  acrylic on canvas
When my favorite paint colors are running low,  this hoarder part of me  comes out. I get very stingy using them; I  cannot bear the thought of being without them.

Well, I am very low on most of my go-to paints, so I set myself a little challenge to use  colors I do not ordinarily reach for and for which I had full tubes:  darylide yellow, vivid lime green, prussian blue, quinacridone magenta, along with titanium white and payne's gray.  I wondered if you could paint a figure with those green, blue and yellow colors and not have it look creepy.

So here is a little quick sketchy painting using those colors.  A bit rough, but not too creepy.
My new paint order should arrive tomorrow or Tuesday- whew!

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